Set buffer to?

I constantly get buffer underrun errors and was wondering what I should set my buffer to. It says use 40% of your physical memory at the most (min. 1mb). Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

my hardware info(may or may not be relivant)
160 MB RAM
1034MB of 4117MB free, getting new HD, dont worry
10x-4x-32x HP CD-Writer Plus

First check your hd-speed, such small disks are often sloooow… You can test your hd-speed with Nero. If it can deliver data fast enough, then you’ve got a problem with other apps running. Just kill everyting in the CTRL-ALT-DELETE window, except the explorer.
This should do the trick. My buffer is set at 32Mb, plenty for 8x. Another tip: don’t copy on the fly, read to hd first.

Greetz Scorpion

You certainly have enough ram on your system that you should not be getting buffer underruns. However, Scorpion pointed a possible bottleneck, your HD. Some of the smaller/older drives are really slow, and if couple with a newer burner, you run the risk of burning coasters.

My advice is 1)Try burning at lower speed. 2)Don’t burn on the fly. 3)If possible, get a newer HD.


I think you need to defrag your hd, because you have not much room left. Any fragmentation of your hd now slows down the speed at which the burndata can be read from your hd.