Set booktype?

Hi all,

I want to burn DVD movie but not sure to set booktype as DVD-ROM or DVD-R ???

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How about a bit more info? :iagree: What drive (make/model/firmware)? :rolleyes: What s/w programs do you use to burn? :eek:

Iam using NEC 3550A firmware 1.6y

and thanks again

Booktype only applies to DVD+R(W).
Booktype is meant to increase disc compatibility and allow the discs to be seen as DVD-Roms, and it can be of any use for some topset devices, but the importance is much lower than it used to be.

You can do it using the bitsetting facility if your burner or/and recording software supports the facility.

NEC 3550A original software only supports bitsetting for dual layer discs, but you ref your version is 1.6y and this seems more like a modified version, not the original.
If that’s the case, it shall support the facility for DVD+R and DVD+RW also, as you can see at the authors link (Liggy’s and Dee’s modified NEC firmwares):

Is it that?

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, as you can see folk like agomes can now be of help. When using Binflash, there’s a button marked BookType. Set yours to your preference here.

so I should set booktype as DVD-ROM for all movie I burned? and it’s better than set as DVD-R
that’s all my question about this, because Iam using DVD+R to burn movie and I want those burn out can play at all DVD player

Hi :slight_smile:
Most if not all new stand alone players should have no problem with DVD+R. However if you want to ‘play safe’ then booktyping to DVD-ROM will increase compatability, even with older DVD players.

thanks again for those helpful info
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