Set Booktype for Buffalo 8.29?



I want to burn my DVD+R’s as DVD-ROM booksetting, is it necessary for me to set the booktype? or does Buffalo 8.29 firmware automatically set it to DVD-ROM? I’m using an ASUS 1608P3S flashed with TDB Buffalo 8.29 firmware. (If it is necessary to set it manually, what should I use to set it?)


@ brez17,

Pioneered DVR-111L v8.29 (Buffalo) Firmware Auto Bit Sets +R Media to DVD-ROM. Auto Bit Setting means that no user intervention is required Bit Set +R Media to DVD-ROM. Bit Setting of +R Media to DVD-ROM is done “Automatically”.



so if I use imgburn, and it (imgburn) thinks that it is burning to DVD+R DL, it is really burning in DVD-ROM thanks to Buffalo?


Damnit, [B]it has AUTO bitsetting.[/B]

[U]No one can change that![/U]


@ brez17,

Once again your Pioneer DVR-111L Version 8.29 Firmware (Buffalo) is Auto Book Type Bit Setting Firmware that “Automatically” sets the Book Type Bit Setting of blank +R Media to DVD-ROM.

The Book Type Bit Setting of blank +R Media is “Automatically” set to Book Type Bit Setting of DVD-ROM. No matter what DVD Burning Software Program you use the Version 8.29 Firmware (Buffalo) “Automatically” sets the Book Type Bit Setting of +R Media to DVD-ROM. No user intervention is required Bit Set +R Media to DVD-ROM.



Is this clear now?


Yeah, I was just making sure it applied to DL DVD’s also, because the un-rewritable ones are expensive, and I don’t want to keep making coasters, and I haven’t seen the DL extension mentioned in Buffalo forums.


@ brez17,

The primary cause of making DL Media “Coasters” is not a Book Type Bit Setting problem but is usually caused by the use of poor quality of blank DL Media. If you use cheap problematic DL Media even Book Type Bit Setting the cheap problematic DL Media to DVD-ROM will not make it “Playable/Viewable”.

As of this time/date the only DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results is Verbatim DL Media.



Just an note:

Verbatim is the only manufacturer not using the STACK INVERTED method to produce DLs.


@ chef,

In reference to your above #8 posting.

I am unaware of exactly what “Stack Inverted” method to produce DLs means.

Could you provide more amplifying information on what “Stack Inverted” means.