Session picker utility for Windows 2000?

I burned a multisession DVD a few days ago, and I have been unable to read all but the last recorded session.

I have tried the Nero utility MultiMounter but it either does not work on DVDs or just plain doesn’t work, and yes I installed the Nero driver correctly.

How can a pick a different DVD session to activate under Win2K?


you can’t. try isobuster

There are no utilities that effect this? That is a shame. :frowning:

Adaptec used to have one… lemme see if I can dig it up… and if it WORKS under 2k/XP…


It’s still part of the EZ CD Creator - it’s called “Session Selector” and it can activate different sessions on the disc.

CD Roller, available at - seems to have a trial version, and includes a session selector.

Nero supposedly includes something called “Volume Mounter”, that might be an older version of the multimounter you tried.

Badcopy Pro also includes a session selector.

ISO Buster also should do this.

Hope you own one of these… or want to get the eval or purchase. Do your own google for more.

Thanks Gurm, I’ll try those.