Session fixation errors -> media is to blame



Hi there,

I have a question on session fixation errors (I know it is the topic people keep asking questions about, and yes I did search the forum before posting):

I have burnt like over a 50 Philips 16 x DVDs (MBIPG101 R05) of the same spindle. Now all of a sudden I get a session fixation error every single time on these. But when I switch to Verbatim 16x (MCC 004) it works fine every single time.

What can have happened?
I did check:

[li]DMA: it’s on, log also shows that
[/li][li]log does show media error (I think)
[/li][li]I upgraded to Nero 7.7, no solution
[/li][li]I have even used a “DVD player cleaning DVD” but will that clean my burner too?
[/li][li]I also notice it takes a long time before it starts actually burning and then things go wrong.
[/li][li]Burning at 8x all is well using one of the disks that failed at 16x, so disc was not destroyed.
So the log also show the media is the problem but why? They were okay all the time now all of a sudden they are not any more?

So what is happening, is my drive slowly dying? Is there something to check?

Attached an error log…


i have this problem too and i asked a friend to use MY media, the one that I use that KEEPS on becoming coasters, and they work fine. Has anyone tried reformatting their PCs since the coming of this problem?