Session fixation error

I get a burning error describing it as a session fixation error using Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD to burn a dvd. Don’t recall encountering this error before when using Nero 7. Blank disc is CMC Verbatim Dvd +R. This error was generated using either of my Lite-ON or Samsung. Is this a bug in the newest Nero? I’m awaiting a response from Nero.

Your “bug” is that you must have used multisession mode on DVD, which is a very bad idea.

thanks for your help, still a little confused. thought when you burn a video disc it should be finalized and book type as a dvd rom.I know when you burn data, you have a option of multiple sessions or single.

Maybe post a nero logfile so I could check it for issues…

Thanks for your offer, next time I generate this error , I will do log file and uploaded it. Perhaps you may be able to decipher what is going on.