Services on wxp utility to backup

i’m looking for a free utility that let me to backup the services on wxp
because i would like to stop some services
but i would like to backup the list of services to go back easly

any imputs

System Restore perhaps?

services do not need to be backed up since they cannot be removed even if you stop them they will still be there. There is a nice freeware tool that you can use to enable and disable services that also gives you detailed info on what those services are. it is called service controller XP you can download it here.

i know
but i fear to disable a service that i need
i would like to know where in file reg can i find the setting of services, so if i do a mistake i can reapair it easly…

you could try Erunt which a a freeware registry back up and restore tool.

you can goto run and type services.msc . that will give you a list of services, if they are running or not, and what they do. if you need it you can always restart it.

I use printscreen and paintbrush

Hey, its old and tacky but it works…

xtacydima :smiley: :smiley:

where can i find info about the needed services…?

services controller XP tells you exactly what each service is what it does and more importantly it tells you which are safe to disable and which arent. it also tells you that while it may be safe to disable a particular service that certain types of applications may be dependant on that service and wont function correctly without it.

services controller XP great utility
but is not updated to the service pack 2

Try Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 2 Service Configurations by Black Viper

This tweak site is SP2 updated and includes recommended tweaks for different user profiles.