installed WinXp SP1.
everything worked great.
one question though…theres a new folder in my C:\Windows directory called “ServicePackFiles” is it safe to delete this folder or does Windows Xp use this folder?

location of directory located here, and has i386 folder with 1171 files in it:


most of the files in the i386 folder look like backup files not sure though.

any info would be great.

i suggest you rename the folder, restart the computer and check if everything is working fine. especially new features of winxp (i don’t know any, because i don’t work with winxp).

if it does, delete the folder.
if it doesn’t, well, you know what to do…

deleted the “ServicePackFiles” folder on 2 different machines and both are still running fine.
must just be a backup or storage directory it creates when installing Xp SP1.

They allow to deinstall the Service Pack if you run into difficulties causes by it.

No, the folder that allows to uninstall the SP1 is HIDDEN and it’s called:

located in: C:\WINDOWS\

so you can safely delete the folder? I actually have 2. One in
C:\i386 and the other in
i’ve installed win xp on many comps and have yet to come across any folder like the e3bbfe105…

i deleted a folder like e3bb… when i installed sp2, i then uninstalled it due to incompatibilities with my network card and it left a folder like that, deleted it and everything was fine.

$NtServicePackUninstall$: do not delete this one
C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386: never delete anything in win dir unles it’s tempfiles, but this could be also the same as described below. not sure though
C:\e3bbfe105e6dabd5c99a8034: this folder is just used to extract the SP and install from you can delete that one

This one is needed. It should be protected and shouldn’t let you delete it. Don’t if you can.

This one contains a copy of the files that were installed by the service pack. You may also have an i386 directory inside windows as well containing backup windows files. These are here so you don’t have in find your CD again if you want to install another windows program or ddl files or such like. You can delete this one but I don’t reccomend it.

This is just the Temp directory that was used to unpack the service pack files. It though it auromatically got deleted whendone but obviously not. This is fine to delete.

Move it, don’t delete!

Move to an external HDD or a CD (or you may already have it on SP2 or SP3 install CD?).
You will be asked for its new location should you ever want to modify XP components via “add/remove programs” in “control panel”. This will probably only happen once a year if at all. If you don’t want to be asked this everytime, you can specify the new location in your registry as per the excellent instructions at the following URL…


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