Service Pack 2 network issues!

iam trying to access a shared folder off my other computer’s hard drive at this location… c:\data…

when i view contents of the folder i notice that some of the icons do not have a picture of its installer; just a tiny window. when i try to access it “double-click” or copy and paste i get an accessed denied error…what am i doing wrong …i have the new firewall turned off…i think

sp2 firewall is turned off----
no antivirus software is installed----

any help iam much obliged

I’ve had this so maybe what I did will help you.

  1. Map the drives
  2. On both computers I made this change to the registry:-
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa DWORD KEY “restrictanonymous” = 0
    A reboot is necessary after this.
    This can be done also by using GPEDIT.MSC (from the run command). Unfortunately I couldn’t find where to do it with this.