Server troubles @ CD

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We are having some problems with the new server, so some links and images may not work. Also the link to the forum may not work correctly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we are doing…

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I can’t see any problems yet.

I do not see any probs either. thanks for the warning though… what ya want for free? :slight_smile:

I’d venture to say that CdFreaks will last the mile & be a website that stays on top while others wither away - mainly becuase of the people behind it & the core CdFreaks themselves - Rock On…

I had a bit of trouble just now, couldn’t connect to the main server. But seems ok now. CD Freaks rule!

having probs all day long, i don’t get an updated page :frowning: and the dutch page doesnt work at all hope things get fixed soon :slight_smile:

i have to play tricks to get in and so lol