Server trouble?



Is anyone else having trouble with a busy server here on the forum or do I have a problem on my end? And no smart ass remarks out of you BigMike7. :bigsmile:


Yes it’s been going on for days now. They are doing some upgrades to the sever and said it would continue for a few days. In the news.:wink:


Thanks crossg. :slight_smile:


Yo Sportsmell-

If you got your hand outta yur pants and your head outta yur butt - you would read these things-

btw - please use our “Search” function before asking questions :wink:



Read the print PUTTS, if you can and then go lay by your dish sisco Boy!!! Your wife told me that your the one shaking hands with the un-employed as of late. So I’d be carefull what you say. :clap: :stuck_out_tongue:


As you can read on our mainpage the forum server was down today for an operating system upgrade. We switched to Debian to improve the stability of the system.

Everything should be up and running now! If you experience any problems from now on, please report back!