Server too busy :(



“The server is too busy at the moment, please try again later”

get that message more and more often
thought this problem supposed to be solved a couple of weeks ago with a new server :confused:

it getting more irritating
typing a reply, cant post it because server is to busy. 2 hours later i have to type the same reply again to post it :frowning:


The site is growing faster than we imagined I think.

This problem happens to me every so often as well. Usually when clicking the back button I go back to the message typed. Then I select all, copy to clipboard, paste in notepad and try again later…
When things are really bad, I follow the above-mentioned procedure even before clicking the reply button…

I guess that when people stopped using ad stoppers we’d have a bit more cash we could invest in the site…but for now we have to look into optimizing resources (which is not my department :wink: )


Yes, this is currently a huge problem. We’re suffering from increased traffic and some technical problems on the http server. At this moment MP|3 is on holidays, so I will wait to start looking into any solution that will cost money, because we have to talk about it first.

For now I can only say we’re sorry for the inconvinience and please bear with us!


The server is too busy at the moment, please try again later"

indeed im having the same problem. Especially at long threads with lots of replies (like “the longest thread ever”) i get this message.