Server too busy

Getting this about 50% of the time for past 2 days. :frowning:

Same here.

I just changed a setting in the forum that is responsible for this message. Hopefully the server won’t issue this error again that often now by still being able to handle the load.

Deffinitely not fixed. Was just “down” for 5-10 minutes, alernately giving “busy” error and just not responding at all.

I got the “internal database error, email dispatched” about an hour ago.

Also, I occasionally get a warning from Firefox that a script originating from might cause system instability (Mandrake 10.1 'nix) if it is allowed to continue to run. No offense, but I yanked the script permissions for any page matching *…

Same problem here.

No change here, still getting it randomly

The last two days I’m getting this message [quote=]The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.
[/quote] more than I would like too.

What’s wrong with the server??
Can’t he handle it anymore?

We had a server maintenance yesterday and some things still need to get fixed. But we are currently working on everything.

Yes, in fact, I got it 34 times in a roW!

Ok, so it was planned. Was it announced?
I knew the frontpage was getting an update, but I didn’t knew it also involved the forums.

Mmmmmmmm, so we don’t need a new server. :wink:

Some resources are used for both pages, so one server can always have an influence on the other.

We have some complications due to the server upgrade, we are very aware of most of the problems and will try to fix them as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If the problems are still there in a couple of days then please report them again!

We will also be upgrading the forum and database server the coming days so expect some extra downtime. I will ask the guys who are performing the upgrade to keep everyone up to date as much as possible to avoid lost postings (ones that you typed but can’t get post and get lost in your browser, which is terribly annoying!).

Thanks Domi for the info…i thought i needed to reformat again…!!!