Server Grade Processor in a Desktop?



What do you guys think of this processor? I do not want to upgrade my mobo so I need a socket 939. This is about the only thig I can find that I can upgrade my 3800X2 from.
I don’t want to change my memory or Mobo. Thanks for the input.:iagree:


Yes, in theory
But do you really need it? My point is that its not that much faster…
I’ve had the same thought but in the end I couldnt justify its priced compared to the performance boost (I have a A64 3200+) and what an AM2 (at the same speed costs), I’d wait till next year until I upgrade.


That Opty will kick some serious ass. Should compare favorably to an X2-5000. I read one place that this is basically an FX-60. Whether it’s worth the $ to you is completely up to you. These are supposed to be good for O/C too, though this one may already be near the max.


But next year the problem will be worse, 939 processors are rare now, I would still have to upgrade my Mobo and Memory ( which cost about 300.00 USD.) I have the ASUS A8N-32SLI Deluxe Mobo, 169.00USD, 2x1gig Corsair Ram 188.00USD, don’t want to have to replace this if I don’t have to, do you think the RAM will be useful with another setup?


you would get more bang for your buck if you got a 170 or 175 and OCed it :iagree: the optys are binned higher than the x2’s and even FX’s, so a good stepping can hit 2.7-3ghz on stock volts.

or if you don’t want to get into OCing, the 185 is the best 939 you can get (you can always OC the 185 too :smiley: )


very rare with stock voltage, and even with added voltage very few will reach 2.7 GHz.


just looked it up and you’re right, I must have been thinking single core opterons :doh:

dual core optys are still better OCers than X2s though, and they all have 2x1mb L2, so they are great chips for 939 upgrades :iagree:

here is a good resource for opty info:


@ alan1476
Well, its not that much faster (have a look over at as an example) and spendning money on an already dying platform isnt worth it if you look at the performance increase. Both CPU and Memory will be noticable faster later this year / early next year than what they are today and most likely cheaper too.
Although it’s your money and dont take OC for granted, especially if you’re looking for stability.


I agree with Diizzy.

For the $300us you are being ripped off majorly :stuck_out_tongue:

Ebay your S939 stuff & upgrade your mobo/ram/cpu to a faster AM2 setup which has a future.

The AM2 platform supports virtualistion too, and you can get a better chip for 1/2 the price … it’s slightly more future proof.

Alternately, grab that $115 X4400 (S939) chip with the 2x 1MB cache (the 3800 is a 2x512KB cache) and see if you can give the speed a little nudge.
Ebay your X2 … there are lots of S939 mobo’s still available, and I’m sure many would jump for an dual core chip … even a lower end unit.


Yeah save your $$ put it towards an updated system. Yeah I know it sucks but you may be flogging a dead horse. Like everyone above says you might get a nice increase but you will have the nagging thought that you should have saved your money and bought this. Have you tried to O/C your current system? You may be pleasantly surprised.:wink:


for 329, you can get a new MB, processor and memory on the AM2 setup.

processor 82.89 us

Motherboard 99.99 us

MEM 2-gigs ddr800 153.00 with a 30 mir = 123.00

that is 335 before mir or 30 bucks == 305.00

toss in a decent video card and your golden for a bit

The opteron 165 is the best bang for the buck if you bent on staying on the 939 setup…

You out to just put that rig to folding----enjoy the new rig for not more than yo where willing to spend on just a CPU…


probably not, as DDR2 has taken over and DDR3 is just over the horizon…

right now, there are some decent deals to be had, shoot I just ordered me a new setup, goiing to cost me a bit around 740 us, but I went for a 8800gts video card which was close to 300 bucks by itself, as I game a bit…


thats kinda a pointless upgrade since he already has a 3800, and being a true CDFreak, he probably wants 2x IDE :wink:

I think I’m going to pull my previous vote for the 939 opty. you should try OC ing your current setup for now and wait for the Barcelona/Stars CPUs from AMD. C2Ds are going to take a price cut in a month or so if you are hellbent on a new rig that would be a good option, also the x2 6000 is only $240 at newegg now, so thats a good option if you don’t want to switch to intel. the only problem is there are fewer mobos with 2x IDE for AM2 and 775 vs 939.

you have good components in your current rig, so OCing should be no problem


I would although recommend Intel over AMD as it is right now as “new” platform.


Alan, didn’t you just buy that X2 a bit back?!

I’ve been an AMD diehard for a loooong time, but the last couple of years have been pretty rough considering how quickly AMD has moved to a new chipset and then abandoned it for another.

If you want to buy any Opty 100 series, I’d go for the 170 and OC it… I prefer it to the 165 because 10x multi comes in handy.

PM sent. Don’t spend any money til you read it! :disagree: :cop:


Hi Tropic:
I got the information you sent me. Thankyou it was very helpful. Yes, I just bought the 3800X2 less than a year back. Now its not powerful enough to handle Cyberlinks BluRay HD program. I need a chip with a little more umph, if you know what I mean. Thanks for everyones feedback.:clap:


Hi DiiZzY: If I were to build another new system I would probably go the Intel way, but money will not allow that right now as I am trying to get HD ready and a new TV is in the works also, as you know. You have been great with all your feedback, I have learned alot, I want to thankyou for all your input, you have been great.