Server busy error in Nero 7

Had problems installing Vista and had to uninstall Nero 7. Now have installed latest version of Nero 7.
Went to make a data dvd and Nero burning rom opened and a dialogue box came up:
Server busy
“This action cannot be completed because other programme is busy. Choose switch to to activate the busy problem and correct the problem”

Anyone come across this problem before? How do i solve it?

May be you have to un-install Nero with NeroCleanTools and make sure you are clean any file or directory related to nero then reboot and reinstall nero again reboot and try to use it now see if you are free from problem you had.

this is REALLY strange. I had rebooted last night to no avail.
This morning after booting up, I was able to use Nero!

Will have to keep an eye on it I think.

Server is busy? WHAT SERVER? All I’m doing when I get this is adding files from my hard drive, NOT accessing any network!