Serv-U v4

I just posted the article Serv-U v4.

For most of the advanced users of this site I’m sure you run an ftp server of some sorts on your computer either for trading with or just purely for giving yourself remote access to your computer and…

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i still prefer BulletProof (former G6) server :slight_smile:

I totally agree with theEye! BulletProof FTP Server 2.15 rocks the house! :slight_smile:

I like G6 better too although SSL support would be nice :wink:

G6’s biggest problem (I should know I use it daily), is that it doesn’t support multiple servers (ie on different IP addresses). Serv-U does and so does the new one that Globalscape have made.

I can tell you that “the most advanced users” have gone with linux for their server needs. :7

Well for “the most advance windows users” use RAIDENFTPD. it may not be as good as glftpd, it comes really close and with the support of ppl to make it better, it will be the best warez ftp for windows. pz

The main reason why I chose BPFTP over Serv-U a year ago was that I couldn’t set a passive port-range in Serv-U and I needed it cuz of my router… Does anybody know if that’s available in Serv-U now?

Hey, Chronic, the new Serv-u does have the option for Passive Port-range.

GuildFTP Daemon - freeware.

glftpd 0wnage!

GuildFTPD POWWWWWWWWWWWa in fact love RaidenFTPD too but it is not free I’m waiting for WarFTPD3 which is still a work in progress :frowning: