Seriously Strange PC

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Right where to start? I guess I will start right from the beginning.

So I bought my computer in may 09 off ebay, everything was perfect up until about september 2010 when I rearranged my room including my computer desktop and made it so the computer couldn’t flow air efficiently forgettting that I had to let my computer breathe, with it extracting alot of hot air it wasn’t long until the power supply blew, after that it wouldn’t power on or anything, it was dead. Then a couple weeks later my dad got me a new power supply and he installed it for me and the computer worked again and I was on my desktop, but I kept getting blue screens but considering I was happy enough to have my computer working again I thought i’d rather have my computer restart every now and then than have nothing at all, despite my dad telling me I shouldn’t continue using it as it may get worse. And so a couple months later one day I went to power on my computer and nothing happened, for many many months on nothing still happened, so my dad suggested I buy a new motherboard, so I did and he installed it for me and we got new ram and everything was fine again, except I lost all my files, pictures, music the lot. So I’ve been using my computer for 3 months now and it’s been perfect up until Friday night. For the past 2 months my computer has had more usage out of it than ever before, I leave my computer on 27/4 even when i’m not there and it’s always functioning to it’s maximum limit or at least 75% of it, as I am running multiple instances of a java based game. So it’s been fine since I started putting it in heavy usage 24/7 for 2 months but now it’s started to act up, on friday night my computer closed all the programs and explorer.exe crashed and the only thing I could do was switch between programs, I couldn’t ctrl-alt-del or open start, then I restarted the comp and I got a blue screen, so I booted in safe mode and it was ok but I couldn’t open anything so I just did a system restore, I booted in normal again and got blue screen, then safe mode and then normal again and it was fine, by the way the blue screens both said MEMORY_MANAGEMENT which started to panic me because I just bought the new ram a month ago for £45, I did a memory diagnostic test and it said I had defective hardware, most likely the ram unfortunately. So just last night I thought i’ll continue as normal just to see if the problem is still here and I set up the multiple java based games left it on over night and it had shut them all off by 1am. I restarted my comp this morning as I had the same problem as I did the first time and set up the games again and after about 10 min they all shut off and once again so did explorer.exe so I did a virus scan as I was really concerned about my computers behaviour,because after it would shut down the java games, Google chrome, IE, the desktop, side bar and avg closed aswell. but the scan didn’t help, so now i’m out of ideas and hope I can seek help from you guys.
My pc specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenon 9650 Quad-Core Processor, 2300 Mhz 4 Cores 4 Logical Processors
Motherboard: Asrock N68C-S UCC

Notes: I’m currently using the computer and have not had any problems as of yet but i’m going to try running the games again and see how it runs, If the problem is within running using too much RAM/CPU then i’m totally confused, good luck guys!

Edit: deffinatly nothing to do with java, as the explorer.exe still failed, i think java just prokoves it into failing quicker

Hi matty4796, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

So there’s a good chance the memory might need to be tweaked. You should run memtest86+ Link, make a bootable CD or USB stick and let Memtest run for a few hours. If there are any errors they will show in red. So if there are errors then you will either need to raise the voltage to the memory a notch or two, or you will have to loosen the timings. So do that until memtest can run for hours and not give an error.

Also what is the brand and model of the PSU?

Hi eric, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I’m not at mine at the moment so before i run the test and find out the PSU could I just ask if all these problems occuring on windows when i’m actually logged on are due to the fact my power supply is not set to the right setting? Because i always imagined that if there was any problem with ram the pc would be normal and blue screen whilst logged on at random or not turn on at all, please correct me if i’m wrong as i feel my problem with ram is impossible to fix, I feel I have damaged it for good so if you can shine a light for me here i’d be incredibly happy and relieved :slight_smile: also if you have windows live, skype or if your happy to use email could we communicate between one of those? It would really help speed up the process but if not then I am more than happy to continue using the forum as I really appreciate the help you are providing me with :).

Hi matty4796 :slight_smile:

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No, if you have ram creating errors it can still be fixed.

Since you run your PC 24/7 your PSU can be the problem too.

I tried the ram on my dads comp and it blue screened, i’ve been using my pc now for 4 hours with 2gb ram of my dads and its fine, i think the ram got corrupted, it was defective with the memtest86

Did you try increasing the voltage like I mentioned before? You might also have to manually set the latency values. You have to make small changes then run memtest again till there are no errors.

But why would i need to change the values now if it has been working perfectly for 2 months? I just don’t understand… Anyway it turns out i have a lifetime warrenty on the ram so I’m just gonna swap for more, we did ask a guy in a pc shop and he said it could of been cos my motherboard wasn’t screwed in properly or missing screws which is 90% of the time the reason why ram busts =/ and it was actually missing 1 screw, and there were also two holes in the corners closest to the harddrive but didn’t have any thing on the tower to screw in to.

Indeed, RAM should work with the voltages and frequencies specified. If it does not, then it has to be considered defective and needs to replaced.


So we swapped the ram for more identical ram, except this time the ram caused pc to blue screen after like 10 mins instead of working for a month, but it is deffinatly right ram for the motherboard, it’s model ID is: kvr667d2n5/2g, now can somebody please explain thoroughly what, how and where I can change the values on the BIOS in order for me to get this blasted ram working on my pc? Thanks

And tell me everything you would ever need to configure on the BIOS and why when installing new ram so I know this stuff for future references

There is probably a bios update for the MB, do that.

Already had the latest update, how do i find out The memory timings? I looked everywhere on the net but couldn’t find them only info I got is that it’s CL5