Seriously need help with hardware failure

I’ve been trying to diagnose a freeze up problem and am at wits end. I suspected memory and ran memtest86 which alternately froze up or showed thousands of errors. I was a little suspicious that both of my sticks would crap out at the same time so I put them in hubbies puter and they tested fine. I put his memory in my puter and got the same results as with mine in. Freeze ups are getting worse and I don’t know where to look next. How would I know if it were a bad MB or CPU. The heatsink was really dirty and i cleaned it but wonder if it’s too late. I don’t have a bunch of money to guess with. Any ideas?

Assuming your sig rig is the one of which you speak. It’s possible this is almost anything motherboard related. Make sure that the chipset (not CPU) is getting cooled and appears intact. You could run Everest or some other motherboard monitor and look at temps and expecially voltages. Slight possibility the RAM is getting under or over volted. But Memtest86 never lies, so something is seriously up. You could try swapping the power supply from hubbie’s machine if you have the time and inclination.

Edit: Just noticed that rig seems to be overclocked. That’s the first thing to do, reset CMOS and run all default settings.

Could be a power problem as stated. One other thing to check is your fan and heatsink. If you cpu fan is failing, your cpu will get hot and cause random lock ups and crashes. Fan speed should be reported in the bios (hardware monitor). look for wild variations in reported speed. If nothing in bios, physically look at the fan while its running. You will instantly know if its not runing correctly.

fan is running but yes my cpu is seriously hot. my bios does not give the temperature but i did set it to shut down at the highest(158) and it immediately shuts down on bootup. case is open, extra fan blowing. Just want to know if it has to be cpu and heat sink or could be psu? I see that fan is running slowly. Will try to keep it up and running to see if you have an opinion on this.

This will not set you back much

Fans Come And Fans Blow.

well, I had the heat sink clean and reseated and a new fan. Seems to have solved my freezing up problem so far. I ran memorytest86 again and had no problems. The guy said the voltage seemed okay on the psu but i might want to think about replacing it. Thanks for all the advice!