Serious security hole patched in Winamp version 5.13

I just posted the article Serious security hole patched in Winamp version 5.13.

 Secunia  has  posted that a nasty, buffer overflow type exploit, was discovered in recent  versions of Winamp 5. It is highly recommended that if you are using this  software, to head on over to...
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Nice info! Thanks to Secunia.

When I ran this installer, I believe it tried to install WMP 10. Why would I want WMP when I’m installing winamp?:frowning:

Please note that the secunia advisory has been updated. The recommended solution is no longer “use another product” : Solution:Update to version 5.13. Changelog:2006-01-31: Updated “Solution” section.

still satisfied with 2.92 :stuck_out_tongue:

Some mp3 apps dont even handle >256 bytes properly, let alone 1024. Take care. :wink: