Serious Sam HELP!

hi everyone. im new here and to this sort of stuff, so hope u guys be a little patient. :slight_smile:

im trying to copy Serious Sam: The 1st Encounter. I always copy my games to my hard disk as i dont like to keep CDs. Well, this time i encountered a protection i am not familiar with. A-Ray Scanner 2.0 says it has CodeLock. I dont know what it is and Alcohol 120% doesnt seem to have that data-type.

is there any other software i can use to copy this? i dont know. any help is appreciated.

Serious Sam 1 CD contains only some defective sectors at the beginning of the CD, so Alcohol 120% with safedisc profile should be enough to copy this game.

CodeLock is not a CD protection itself, but rather an anti-cracking protection.

Actually CodeLock is a copy protection. That is the reason there are bad sectors on the CD.


Not sure…it is a while ago…but i think i made copy of serious sam with burnatonce

Ok, as docdocdoc9 said alcohol will copy it using the safedisc data-type.

thnx guys. :slight_smile: