Serious Sam 2 Safedisk V2.51 Backup

I have been trying to make a backup copy of serious sam 2 with my Sony CRX175A2 writer and Clone CD 4. I checked the clonecd site and it states that the drive supports efm encoding but I have seen conflicting reports that it writes them perfectly fine or almost right. The game copies fine and it installs from the backup disk but when I try to run the game it just stalls and the cd-rom just continues to read. I have tried it in both the cd-writer and the cdrom with hide cdr media turned on. My question is should I patch the image file with betablocker for safedisk ver.2.51? I use the settings that cloney XXL passes to clone cd. I also read and write at 4X.

On another note I was able to make a perfect backup copy of battle realms (protection safedisk 2) with the cd-writer without beta blocker.

Help would be much appreciated :wink:

I have the Sony CRX175A1 and it makes playable back ups in 6 of the 7 drives I have. You list a CRX175A2 as your drive but this drive is not listed on elby site although there is a CRX175E2 listed. I would try writing with “aws” enabled as my first step.