Serious Question about My Computer!

Hello all, I bought recently a computer, and at the beginning I had troulbe with the mother board, but me and a friend figured that out, know I have another problem with my new system. It seems that after I turn on my computer, power is running, lights turn on etc. but on the monitor there is nothing, a black screen, the monitor isn’t the problem, so like I was saying, a black screen and it seems like if I try to turn it off on front of the case of button, it doesn’t want to turn off, so I have to go in back and turn the switch off. Why do I have this black screen, my friend suspects that it might be the hard drive and maybe something in the bios, but if its the bios and if I just get a black screen then how do I get to the bios? Anyone out there can help me on these problems?


Check that your RAM is not loose, Check that your Graphics card is Not loose…
Do you get 1 Beep at System Startup, if not check those above…
You say you had trouble with Mother Board (what kind of trouble?)

If you just have a blank screen, then you are not even reaching the POST screen. This is more likely to be a problem with motherboard or Ram.

We really need to know your system configuration, such as cpu, motherboard model etc… Also what (if any) beeping code do you get when trying to start the pc?

Before doing anything else, check that all the components are in place correctly as mentioned above. Might want to try reseating the cpu and heatsink to make sure they are set up correctly.

As you have already had problems with the motherboard, if all else fails you might want to RMA the board and get a replacement…but most problems can usually be fixed. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the ram is the problem, its good ram, and I feel it is installed correctly. Maybe its the motherboard. I have the corsair platinum 3200 retail ram. See before I was able to install xp and 98 windows and it ran fine and then right when it said installation complete, nothing but a black screen, why? I don’t know. I will check everything again thanks.

What motherboard type do you have…any beeps on start up?

I have the dfi lan-party board, 865pe model, I have with it 3.0 ghz p 4 ht. and I have that corsair ram 3200, with 9800 pro ati radeon vid card, with an audio card, I also have with it, an oem ata seagate 200 gb hard drive.

Power supply…what wattage / make is it?

Probably not worth mentioning, but clear the CMOS when you’ve checked all the components are set correctly. :slight_smile:

I have that antec 520 watt power supply stealth

one more thing, I don’t understand what is cmos?

CMOS is where the bios information is stored. If you check in your manual, you should see an option to “clear the CMOS” which resets all your settings to minimum incase of problems. There will be 3 pins on your motherboard relating to the CMOS, and you have to short two of them to clear it. Motherborad manual will tell you the precise location of the pins.

So what should I do?

To clear the CMOS, locate the 3 pins. There will be a jumper on pins 1 and 2 which you have to remove and put onto pins 2 and 3 instead. Leave it for 10 mins, then switch the jumper back again and reboot.

If it still doesn’t work, i suggest you RMA the motherboard. When you try to boot the PC, do you hear any beeps at all?

Did you check the CPU as I suggested in your other thread here?

Good Luck!

Yes me and my friend looked, and it seems like nothing is wrong with the cpu. We worked on it last night and it’s funny, we are able to get into the cmos and all u know, but installing xp or 98 win has proven difficult, because for 98 it stops short of installing it completely, and for xp it installs right and then a black screen shows up, all the lights are on on the motherboard so that is a good thing. For some odd reason everything was working right and then all of a sudden the computer just turned off out of the blue for some reason. It’s like the strangest thing keeps happening. I am thinking know it might be the motherboard or even the Seagate 200gb harddrive I have. We even download the disk wizard from the Seagate website, my friend still thinks there is a chance because he feels since we are able to get into the cmos and everything else in the bios and we are able to format it etc. except to get it to work fully before the black screen is there. I thought dfi motherbaords were suppose to be good. Well I will never go with that anymore if today nothing starts to happen for a more positive turn. Anyone else out go any suggestions.

DFI motherboards are usually pretty good. You want to try and eliminate all other possibilities first before deciding it’s the motherboard. Since your PSU, CPU and Ram all seem ok, the only logical choices left are the hard-drive and motherboard. If you can get hold of another HDD, try installing WinXP onto it and if you get the same results (blank screen), you can reasonably assume it’s a motherboard problem - and you can RMA it if necessary.

just got dfi lanparty875b rev.b and have the same thing going on no cmos screen just blank! memmory test fine,all 4 d-leds show ready to boot knigston dual channel memmory g-force 5700le agp card p4 3.2gig maxtor ata133 HD