Serious problems with GSA-4120b & A111

I wonder if anyone else has had any serious problems with the GSA-4210b and Firmware A111.

I upgraded the firmware from A104 to A111 (All official versions), and all seemed OK at first.

However, a few hours ago, I started my PC with a CD-ROM in the drive. When the boot option tried to find out if the CD_ROM was bootable, the whole PC stopped dead. NO hard reset or use of PC Start Button would revive the machine. To get the machine to restart, I had to disconnect the power cord, press Start (to clear out residual current), reconnect the power cord and the PC then started okay (with no CD in the drive).

I experienced a similar crash/shutdown using Nero CD_DVD Speed to check a CD_ROM (as part of fault checking). I also had a crash/shutdown when trying to burn a DVD - the crash occuring during right at the end of the burn process.

I have since regressed the firmware to A104 and things are okay - no crashes so far.

Sorry for the long winded post - does anyone have some advice for this Newbie/Dime-wit?

Well, like i said lot of times , flashing LG drives isnt a good idea, you will always have some problem, it varies according to your luck , yours is very weird, i had “focus and tracking error” when i flashed my old 4082B, now i wont flash my 4120B till some REAL good firmware is out and i read 1 million posts saying its safe.


I did the upgrade from a104 to a111 and there were similar problems(the nero burning process never ended,
the drive not recognised from xp, dvdrw burned before not recognised).
Than I’ve uninstalled the driver from XP (from Hardware>Device manager…), booted XP, XP 've recognised new device, than again booted XP and now it seems to be o.k.).


Glad to see that your work around solved the problem with your drive

My symptoms were a lot more dramatic than yours. The drive was always recognised at startup (boot) and in Windows, however crashes occurred at both stages sometimes even before Windows drivers were loaded.

I think I am going to wait for developments before I try A111 (or later) again

By the way, I have noticed any significant improvements in A111?

Hi Gooseman,
I definately went back to A104 as I saw some
"unusual’ behavior of my drive. Even I had thought
it seemed ok I got only half speed with reading
my burned dvd-r with cdcheck.
I’ll try to flash it again to A111 if sure it was
beacause my noname dvd-r’s.

I flashed from A104 to A110 and then to A111. So far no problems. I have tested Verbatim DVD-R 4x, Lena DVD-R 4x (from Amazon), Verbatim DVD-RW 2x, SK DVD-RW 1x and Panasonic DVD-RAM 2x with no error when running cdspeed. However, there were such errors with Princo DVD-RW 1x, but these are very crappy medias and every burner has problems with them after about 3GB. :wink:

Well, I am convinced that my LG GSA-4120b drive has some internal problem. Perhaps an intermittent short that drains the available power supply and thus causes the PC to lockup.

I reflashed A104 and for a few days the drive worked okay. Then the drive locked up the computer on boot.

I tried A111 again and the problem cured itself for a short time before a spate of lockups over the last two days.

Last week I initially convinced myself to have the drive replaced under warranty and contacted the supplier. “Bring it in on Saturday”, she said. In the mean time I had no more problems and I thought that everything was okay. So I did not bother to change it. What would you believe, Sunday - the drive locks everything up. Today, the computer locks up on boot even though I set the BIOS to not search for a bootup disc in the DVD-drive.

So I have finally removed the d*mn thing and replaced it temporarily with my trusty (reliable) old Lite-On CD burner. Let’s see what transpires when I replace the LG drive on Saturday. I might even trade it in for a Pioneer Dual Layer!!!



I try A111 firmware for my LG GSA-4120B and when I burn dvd+rw dics
buffer is jumping 100-40 %.
I check Dma and it is PIO mode. Dma mode is not possible what any I doing.

I flash A104 firmware and Dma mode is now working.

What is wrong this firmware ? Is it bug of what ?
Is anyone somekind of problem ?

Best recarding :eek: :eek:

Hi all,
I have a 4120 with A102, it seems to work ok, but once I burned a Verbatim 4x (Taiyo) DVD+R and the previous LG model my friend has , reads it with difficulties. Very strange.
Then I recorded an Esperanza DVD+R (AML) and my drive won’t read it at all.
All the rest is ok. DVD +R 8x are burned at 8x (the drive offers even 12) and so on.
I cannot check the graphs of the recorded DVDs, I don’t own a Sony drive.
So - should I flash the ROM because it will improve the burning quality? Or not?