Serious problem with Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 2gb

Hello all
I was on holidays last weekend and after taking about 200-250 pics
with my Sony DSC-H50, the screen started telling me there was an
‘error with memory stick’. Now it’s telling me ‘error formating memory
I really dont want to lose these pics so i’ve been careful not to
tamper with the stick. Does anyone know if i can save these pics

The memory stick isn’t as new as the camera (less than 2 months old).
Are there some shops in Dublin (yes i live in Ireland) i can go to where it’s possible to recover the data? Or can i use some software online?

Thanks in advance


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Well I don’t see any free software for recovery, but if your pictures are worth $36 to you then you might want to give this a try.

Here is a less expensive one, $27, Flash Recovery Toolbox

Most likely to use any of this software you will need a card reader on your PC, I don’t think it can recover data from your memory card while its in the camera.

There are some free choices in software like e.g. Recuva and PC Inspector File Recovery. You will need a card reader, however, as explained by eric93se.

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