Serious problem with Sony DW-Q30A

Hi all

We just bought a new machine which came with a Sony DW-Q30A drive. Everything seemed to work fine at first, Windows XP was installed using the drive, as well as all other software on the machine. Eventually installed Cyberlink PowerDVD 5 to play DVD’s. First few DVD’s played fine, until we tried “Kill Bill Volume 2”. Once the DVD is inserted the light on the DVD player flashes continuously. If Media Player or Cyberlink is open before the cd is inserted then this application will freeze until the CD is ejected.

Subsequently we tried about 30-40 DVD’s and the drive plays about 50% of the DVD’s. All the DVD’s are region 2 and they do play in our two other machines.

I then had the supplier send me another DW-Q30A. Installed it as a slave to the first drive and it does exactly the same thing. I took both the DW-Q30A’s and installed one each in our two other machines and still having no luck at all.

Does anyone have any idea ???


Does anyone know whether it would help crossflashing these drives to the 1635s ?


I don’t think so because it sounds like a hardware issue to me, maybe a faulty laser.

One thing that I have noticed lately is that some recent LG burners (specifically GSA-4167B) have dispalyed a very similar behaviour to this if the computers power supply is a bit marginal. Many people (myself included) have reported this over in the LG forums. So far I’ve not heard of this happening with other models/brands of burner, but it might be worth-while testing the burner in another computer just to be certain.

I have sorted out the problem if its of any interest to anyone else.

Loaded Msconfig on the machine and disabled all the startup group items.
Restarted the machine and the drive worked fine for the first time. Added the started groups that are needed to run on the machine and removed the following from the run keys in the registry :

mimboot & mm_tray - Musicmatch
msmsgs - Windows Messenger
REGSHAVE - Fuji drivers uninstallation utility
PDVDServ - PowerDVD

Both the Sony drives still run fine and can read all the DVD’s that it couldnt read previously.

Strange indeed.

Have fun

Myrmidon, welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know how you solved the problem. It could save other people a lot of time.

And just so you know, there is some new firmware available for your drive here:

I look forward to seeing some burn results from your drive. :wink:

I have a Sony DW-Q30A and the trouble i’m having is that mine wont play a audio CD or read a cdr. It wont burn a CDR either.It pays and burns DVD’S fine. When Iput in a CD and then open the drower it makes a pop sound in the speakers.Is my drive a pice of crap?Can any one help?

The easiest way to find out is to test the drive in another PC. If it does the same, then the CD-part is probably dead. If not, you can come back here (maybe better to start your own thread). :slight_smile: