Serious problem with my LG 16x DVD writer guys! Pls Assist me

Hello guys,
I own a LG DVD writer with max speed of 16x.I bought it about 14 months back.Everything was working fine.For about 1 month,I completely stopped burning DVDs in the writer.
Suddenly when i started to burn the DVD on Feb 15th, i found out that the Nero says The Maximum Speed of my DVD writer is now 8x.
I am unable to burn a DVD in the speed of 16x which i used to do so for past 12 months.I donno how,but the speeds which i can choose to burn the DVD in Nero are just 8x & 4x.I cant see an option of 16x speed like i used to see earlier.
And one more problem is that,I burnt the DVD in 8x speed and it took abt 14 minutes to burn the DVD of size 4.2gb.Though the problem is with the time, theres one more problem i faced i.e., there was no content in this DVD, which took 14 min to complete the burning process.I dint find anything inside the DVD when i inserted and checked it.The DVD was contentless & useless.
I even reinstalled the DVD writer using my Device Manager to check whether there was any problem with the drivers.But it still says the max speed is 8x in Nero 6 Ultra edition which i was using for past 1 year.
Pls help me guys.Do u think i need to update the drivers?
One more thing is that,recently, i have installed vista transformation pack.Do u think that would be the reason?I dont think so…
Gotta do lot of important stuff with my DVD writer.
Hoping to c swift replies from you guys.

Get CDSpeed and let us know the model, firmware, and media ID. Your problem could be different media that is not listed in the firmware or any number of things.

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Got nearly same symptoms on 4166B, read the 4166B thread for my description. Propably its just broken, I haven’t found any way to fix mine.