Serious problem with h62N h20L h10N



i am using 3 LG dvd-rw drives on my computer.

nero says that all of my drives supports only DVD-R/RW/DL
i have tons of DVD+R and DVD+RW Verbatim discs.
i have to fix this problem. i have a lot work to do with my drives.
Please help me :confused:

I have updated all 3 drives firmwares. but nothing changed.
Also i have changed my Nero version but nothing changed again.


I had the H10 & now have the H62, which I have no problem whatsoever burning Dvd+R, which get booktyped to Dvd-Rom using ImgBurn.


when nero gives this problem. i shutdown nero than start again. and it recordes succesfully. but somethimes i am trying several times. closing and reopening nero it says your drives supports only dvd-r/rw/dl


What version of Nero are you using? Possibly it needs an update.

I have the E10N (external version of the H10N), and we also have the H62N, no problems with either.

For 3 drives in the same system to be having the same problem, I’d say it’s unlikely to be the drives at fault…possibly software or something else on the system.


i have tried nero 6 and 7. Normally i am using nero 8.
Yesterday i have burnt 30 Dvd’s with H62N and H10N. I didn’t use H20L. all dvd’s burnt without any problem. but today problem started again only with H62N. so today i am using H10N.

Very strange problem:(


I have the H62N and it does burn +R media. By the way what firmware are you using? I’m using CL01 and no problems at all. In Nero; where does says that you can not burn +R media on Nero itself or Infotool?