Serious problem with AnyDVD

I have a serious problem with this excellent soft, which works
fine on my other computer, but does strange things/cannot operate on my basic one :

  • Once I have the AnyDVD ( installed and computer restarted, my CD-Drives (both DVD Reader and DVD Writer) immediately disappear from “My Computer” (and are only shown
    in “Device Manager” with yellow questionmark) and there is absolutely no way to make them available again by normal means, e.g. uninstall/seek for hardware change etc. - windows finds them and places same back to device manager, but with yellow marks again). At the same time AnyDVD reports that there are no DVD drive installed on my computer and cleverly suggests that I buy one :slight_smile:

The reason of above is the “LowerFilters” (and sometimes
“LowerFilters” + “UpperFilters”) which AnyDVD places in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} .
Once removed from there with Regedit and PC restarted, - both my drives are seen/fully available again, but then the AnyDVD refuses to work, - just does not do what it is primarily intended for.

How can I make it work + have both my drives available ?

my configuration is as follows : LiteOn 411S DWDRW as secondary master and LiteON DVD reader as secondary slave.

any ideas highly appreciated.

many thanks and kind regards to everyone


try reinstalling an earlier version if that one gave you no problems. I’ve got installed. This one only gives me minidumps when i put it in autostart.
Apparently no one else has the same problem caus’ you ain’t getting any clear answers.

Have you tried the new version?

thanks, firestormV2, for your speedy reply, - thing is the earlier
versions won’t work with me, as same are unable to help me with last generation of disks. the only one which I saw doing it
is - and this was the one which caused my strange problem. anyway, apparently the things got so complicated that I have simply performed full and complete clean windows reinstall and same helped…

thanks and kind regards

thanks, Schnauze, for your kind feedback.
no, I did not try the new version yet, - but after full and complete clean reinstall of windows my strange problem disappeared by itself, - and though I am very much willing to test the new version, I am simply afraid to perform another installation of this, apparently sometimes tricky, software piece - especially view is serving me fine at this moment.

thanks again anyhow,