Serious Problem when use InCD with ND-3500A

Hi, I try to use the InCD software come with my ND-3500A, but when I try to format the DVD-RW( My first time to use InCD), it shows the error “Please confirm that disc is compatible with the drive and is not scratched or damaged” what’s wrong with my drive, I try to use CD-RW and another new blank DVD-RW, it still having the same problem? Did I damage my ND-3500A? Since I put the DVD in my drive few days before, and my drive can’t read that DVD, is it damage my drive? or I try to flash many times with different version of official and unofficial firmware, so I modified something so I can’t use InCD? I am currently using official firmware v2.18. If someone know what happen, please help me.

When I use DVD Identifier it shows that my DVD+RW is “RICONJPN W11”, but having “Invalid Entry” in “Descriptor #2”,“Descriptor #4”,& “Descriptor #5” at “MODE SENSE Write Speed Descriptor” is that something wrong?

Is Alcohol 120% installed on your system?

There is currently an incompatibility issue between Alcohol and InCD:
Alcohol 120% and InCD, Incompatibility issues?

A symptom of the above incompatibility is the error message you quoted.

also daemon tool, need latest version so solve format issue with incd.

That’s right, thanks al lot, but how can I use Alcohol 120% and InCD on the same computer? or I must use neither of them?