Serious Noob question



Ok im really new to burning DVDs but i know enough about computers so that a simple explaintion will be more than adequate. i have movies that are in .AVI format and i convert them into the .VOB and all that jazz and burn them to DVD+RW discs using Nero. when the burning process is complete i checked to see if i could erase them but i was unable, also the DVD will not play in my DVD player i have an Apex 1115. they play fine in my computer but i was wonder why they wouldnt play on my dvd player and why also Nero refuses to let me erase them…any help with either of these questions would be greatly appriciated


the avi files must be coverted to DVD format and burned to a DVD you can use something like converxtodvd to do the task


Well some players have a hard time with DVD[B]+RW [/B] re-writable discs. You should try a regular DVD-R on your older player.


What did you use to the convert the files and did you finalize or close the dvds after burning?


i used AVI DivX to convert the files. the dvdplayer did end up playing a DVD R disc so im assuming that its just the player. i just wanted to make sure that i could eventaully play them when i got a new dvd player. like as long as .vob and all that stuff is the format im supposed to use


If you’re buying a new dvd player I wouldn’t worry about being able to play converted discs as practically all new dvd players will play anything. Just make sure you use a quality blank disc.