Serious Liteon Error, Need Attention

Ok, this is my problem. In my liteon 40125W@48x, whenever I insert any disc, it starts to read it, then it starts to make a weird grinding sound, which can’t be good. This is all out of the blue, any suggestions?

Maybe your CD is scratched or damaged.

Try using a good condition disc.

Already did. I think my drive is pardon me fucked.

Just give your drive another try and reflash it in Windows w VS08

Ok, I tried that. There is still no success. It is still making a funny noise which is not software related. Anyone else ever had this problem?

Do other drives have problems reading the same discs as well?

Tried the scandisc function in nero CD-Speed to see if the disc is in good condition?

The discs read perfectly fine in the other drives. I am going to try a cd lens cleaner.

Nope, my cd writer is still messed up, and its bad. Making some scratching noise coming from the inside so that is where the problem must be. Any ideas on what to do? Taking it in would be a last resort cause I don’t want to me out of a drive for week, unless I must.

Great news, for me that is, I fixed my writer by flashing it back to a LTR-40125W and disconnecting it completely, and reconnecting a few minutes later. Sorry about my cursing in a few posts above, as I mad at the situation. Everybody, thanks for your help, now its TIME TO BURN SOME GAMES!