Serious EAC Error



After writing the disc normally, the lead-out begins…when the status bar reaches the end it hangs. It hangs for more time than it takes to burn the CD (around 9 or 10 minutes for a disc it took 6 minutes to burn), and then this happens…

I’ve tried burning like 5 discs already with two different types of media (Sony and Verbatim–I doubt the media has anything to do with this) and this happens every single time.

Also, I’m using a Sony DRX-820UL-T (it’s an external) connected via FireWire. EAC, as well as Nero, identify it as a Sony DVD RW DRU-820A Adapter: 2 ID:0 (firmware, according to Nero, is 2.0c, which is what the model came with, and which is, according to Sony, the only firmware currently available for this particular burner.)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the resulting discs always seem to be fine (but that, of course, doesn’t mean this is all right…)


No one knows?


A logfile would help, also updates.


Log file? And this is the latest version of EAC.


Or check event viewer as a start…


If you look at EAC’s page, there is a ref to legal concerns and taking out some features from the last version. Will it be a result of that decision?


I doubt it.
An unhandled exception is an unanticipated bug, not a deleted feature.

The discs likely seem fine, and will play in most audio cd players, but trying them in PC systems they may fail to recognise due to the lack of a leadout.


What for, exactly?

This has occured both with the newest version (0.94 beta 4) and the version right before it (0.94 beta 3).

Unfortunately I can’t work with this. Also, it’s probably not good for my burner–the only way I can get my disc out is by shutting it off with the switch…


I also forgot to mention that ripping goes fine. In fact, EAC recognizes this drive as the better drive (better than my regular DVD drive–the non-burner–that is)


For entries with errors?


The log only applies to ripping, which works out fine:

At the end of a rip, as you can see, you’re presented with the option to create a log file.

At the end of my burns, the only thing that happens is the crash that I posted a screenshot of in my first post.

Also, Chef, you told me to check event viewer–where and what is that?