Serious DVD problems



Hi there. I have had a dvd-rom drive and a dvd-rw drive in my PC now for about a year and have both worked perfectly to burn and playback dvd movies. Tho other day I was burning a DVD and it crashed half way through. I thought this could be no big deal so tried burning again on a different disk and the same problem. I then tried to playback a dvd-movie and it played at half speed in my dvd drive and the sound quality was shocking. I thought, ok maybe this is the rw drive so i took out the dvd, placed it in my dvd-rom drive and exactly the same proble. Half speed (or slow) playyback with terrible sound. I am wonderedin if it anything to do with ASPI drivers or codecs, but why should i suddenly get this problem on 2 drives for no aparent reason? I have no ideas other than to re-format my PC which i’d rather not do at the moment. I would be gratefull of any suggestions


Tom :eek:


Check that DMA is enabled and have a look into Devicemanager & Event-Viewer too.