Serious burn issues 3520

Hi all.
I just purchased 2 spindles Verbatim(MCC-04)after reading some good reviews.
Now i can’t start burning with these discs.Im getting the power calibration error.
I switcht between different firmware’s but no luck whatsoever.
I also tried original firmware but no luck there.
I tried at all speed 2.4 to 16X.
Can you peepz help me out?



Try burn different media, other than verbatim. Use another burning application.

Isn’t there a way to get these Verbatims burning???
I have 50 of 'em.($$$)

Have you ever burn other media with your recorder? Do this to check if it is ok.

I have at about 800+ burns on this.
I just burnt an infomeR20 with no problems.
But these Verbatims aren’t crappy media,and i have seen many burns of these on the 3520.So why would mine refuse to burn those???


Maybe the verbs are defective. Try them to another recorder. I can’t think of something else.

yup, if they are fakes-that’s your answer

I’ll give that a try thnxx