Serious bug in Windows 10 October 2018 Update wipes entire Documents folder


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Two days ago, Microsoft started to roll-out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and it didn’t take long before the first complaints about bugs were posted on the internet. One of the bugs is a serious issue for affected users. They lost their entire “Documents” folder after the update.


I updated and it did no such thing, my document folder is just fine. No changes to it. and even if it happened to someone the My Documents folder would be in Windows.old folder


Same here no problems at all.


I got no problems with that Documents folder. but then again I never store anything too important on the boot drive in general.

p.s. I upgraded to 17763.1 on Sep 26 using ISO I got online from Twitter user @WZorNET even though the ISO was available before that but I waited til about that time because that was around the time people seemed to have pretty much confirmed it was the RTM. but officially it seems Oct 2nd was when it was released.


I haven’t had this issue either and I hash all my files to check for any corruption and all my files are fine. I have OneDrive disabled and never used it. If people backed up their stuff regularly it becomes less an issue if a system bug or a virus deletes everything. Guess I’ll have to keep on eye on my files.


That’s good advice. but the thing is… people tend to slack off a bit on that stuff. the easiest thing to say that takes less effort and still give a reasonable level of protection is having two copies on two different hard drives (say their main computer drive and then on one additional hard drive or the like). so when someone copies a new set of pictures to their computer they can simply copy those to say a external drive at the same time. I think something like this (the basic two copies scenario) is pretty much the minimum someone should do otherwise they are rolling the dice with their important data and will eventually get burned.


From what I have read that does not fix it.


No issue here but also those user fail the biggest fail… Backup Backup Backup…maybe let this be a learning lesson for them. But as other said and I did I had no problem either so I think it’s something they installed or did that caused it.