Serious BlineWrite 4.5 issue?

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if any of you met this irritating problem before but I hope what I found would be helpful in the future.

I’ve been using Blindwrite & Daemon Tools for sometime & everything was quite OK. I copied many game CD-Rom images into my harddisk & play them very conveniently. Among them are Battlefield 1942, Medieval Total War, Age of Wonders 2, …etc.

The day before yesterday, I upgraded my Blindwrite suite to v4.5 & then copied some CD-Rom Images like before. In the copying process I met a system crash but then continued. Then I left Blindwrite to keep creating an image and went to sleep. When I got up, I suddenly found “cannot locat CD-Rom” message everywhere!

I mean “everywhere”, since not only all my game CD-Rom Images with copy protections would not be recognized by my system anymore, even those original game Cd-Roms with minimum copy-protection would not pass the copy-protection check! (The only exception is the Uncommon Valor CD. I could still play though I never made its image work under Daemon tools before)

That meant I could not play Battlelfield 1942, Medieval Total War, Simcity 4, Civ 3 and almost all the recent games any more, whether or not they were or even could be imaged.(I tried but Simcity 4 & Civ 3 could not be imaged as play-ready)

Of course this was not acceptable. So I was desperately trying hard to locate the problem. I uninstalled the Daemon-tools, Blindwrite but it did not help. So I tried re-install Win98 SE from windows & from DOS (to the same windows directory, that will keep everything), still “cannot locat CD-Rom”! I started to doubt it’s something wrong with my LG GCE-8320B CDRW. Maybe I used it too intensively with Blindread that day? Or maybe Daemon-tools or CloneCD (I tried that too) rely on the real CDRW to cheat the copy-protection system check??

So I did a daring test by installing Win 98 SE into another directory. This way I had a new system while temporarily losing my old enviroment. I installed one game under this “clean” Win 98, it worked! That meant I didn’t have to worry about changing my CDRW and I did have a last resort (reinstall everything). However, that’s too much to me so I recovered my old Win 98 enviroment by installing Win 98 SE under DOS into my old Windows directory again and got back where I started.

I don’t have much knowledge about the Windows IO system & Environment. But I know that it MUST BE a malicious program which changed my Windows settings & refused to unload itself correctly. Even re-installing Win 98 cannot get rid of it. Maybe an auto-loading program? I used the Win 98 System Information/ System Configuration Utility but it seemed every auto-loading program was OK. So What’s wrong?

I never tried this semi-professional techinique before but yesterday I was so desperate that I finally used the useful Win 98 System Information program to check the “software enviroment” & the “running process”. Since most of those drivers/programs are from Microsoft, so I only focus on those no-Microsoft drivers & processes. What did I find? Important clues!—One process named “patin.cpl” & 2 vxds named “pcatip.vxd” & “pcouffin.vxd”, which all had the producer name as “vso”, the very Blindwrite suite producer!!

This meant that even after I uninstalled Blindwrite, checked all the related registry keys & “remove” Patin-Coffin read-write function from that Control Panel utility, Blindwrite still left some drivers in my windows system. It still left its Patin-Coffin utility in the Control Panel (the name patin.cpl (cpl:Control Panel) suggests). This could be THE COURSE.

So I deleted \windows\patin.cpl, \windows\iosubsys\pcatip.vxd &
windows\iosubsys\pcouffin.vxd and restarted windows… Miracle! All my games could run again! Thanks God, I finally find the course & solution, without re-installing my whole system.

In order to make myself 100% sure, I installed the Blindwrite suite 4.5 again. CD-Rom copy protection problem came back exactly as it was. I uninstalled Blindwrite 4.5, no use. Only after I MANUALLY deleted those remain files (this time no pcouffin.vxd left, & deleting patin.cpl alone would not help) could all my copy-protected CD-Roms be recognized as normal.

So here is the conclusion:

Either due to a bug in Blindwrite suite 4.5 Patin-Couffin feature (earlier versions never botherd me) , or due to some unlucky chain-reaction consequences in my Win 98 SE (Simplified Chinese)/Asus A7S333/LG GCE-8320B CDRW/Blindwrite/Daemon tools enviroment, the very program of Blindwrite DID cause my Win 98 SE IO system to incorrectly refusing almost all the game CD-Rom copy-protection verification. What’s more, this problem cannot be solved by just uninstalling Blindwrite suite! This makes this problem much harder to average users.

Since using Patin-couffin feature is the “recommnded” feature during Blindwrite installation, other users might just encounter the same problem and never know how to recover it. Some casual game players with only a few game CDs may never know that this problem is not just related to several games but almost all the copy-protected games would be prevented to play! Other users may treat this IO issue as something wrong with the copying of CD Images and just stop using CD images without even knowing that they will not use normal game CDs from then on!(The next time they cannot access a new Game CD, they will only suspect the CD quality, not a single suspection about blindwrite)

Patin-couffin feature in Blindwrite suite 4.5 might be REALLY malicious to some systems.

I cannot address more on how serious this Patin-couffin related problem would be if it’s indeed a bug (even only related to some speccific system). I hope vso could research & explain this soon. Also, I hope nobody would suffer what I have suffered & worried the last 2 days:)

Anyway, Blindwrite is still a decent software and I respect all its developers. This was not the first time I was bothered by some “aggressive” programs. Last time my internet conncetion was disabled by a secret “Ad-ware” and re-installing Win 98 also wouldn’t help. At last I found some tips from internet that my windows socket was changed and could not be recoverd in normal way. So next time there’s something weirdly wrong with our system, we’d better suspect those recently-installed softwares before a complete re-install:)

Tianshu Guo from Ottawa, Canada

I hope vso could research & explain this soon
If you would have read some threads in here you would have noticed that they have updated twice and the problem should be fixed, have you emailed them? Download the update and email support if you still have the problem

Your culprit could also be daemon tools, I had the same type of problem over the weekend and blindwrite wasn’t installed but alcohol was and since alcohol and daemon tools come from the same place or use the same drivers, then I suggest to you it may be a problem there

please email the developers.
they only (almost only) help by mail (and msn)

Hi folks !

I had the same problem with W98 SE, french version, and the game will rock.
I went to the simplest solution I could figure out : reinstall the former version of blindwrite… which is the the 4.4b I guess, and not leaving the latest version of patin-couffin drivers.

Things went back to normal.

I guess there do is an issue with this version, as blindwrite team being french, they probably work with a near system as mine.

I do not doubt they will fix that very quickly.:cool:

I just downloaded & installed the recent Blindwrite 4.5.1 update. Still the problem exists.

I also tried a much earlier version of Blindwrite. It did not cause any CD-Rom validation problem. However, it did not recognize my Medieval Total War CD. What reminded me, after I installed the BlindWrite 4.5 the day before yesterday, my previously made Medieval Total War CD image could not be correctly identified by Windows (It reported it as an audio CD). It seems that Medieval Total War CD is somewhat unique.

The only working Blindwrite verison should be v4.4b or v4.3.2. I deleted them & could not remember the exact one. This version caused no problem on my computer and made Medieval Total War CD image pretty well.

I really really want to make a Simcity 4 Image. Since that game is good to play casually and easily, without the need to change CDs. Anyone has tried & succeed this before?

email the developers…and they will help you

please…just try it…they won’t help because you write here

if we are aware of the problem… as we don’t have email on the support about it … the problem doesn’t exist… email pleas e!

I’m new to this forum so hopefully have replied correctly!
I am currently suffering the above problem since loading Blindwrite. None of my protected games (originals or copies) work in any drive. I just keep getting the message “cannot locate CD Rom”. I also found the Patin - couffin icon left in Control panel after uninstall which I has suspected might be the problem - this being confirmed by the above posting. However downloading the latest version and then uninstalling takes out this icon from Control Panel. End of problem - or so I thought! but no I still find none of the games will play and all I get is the same "cannot locate CD Rom message. I also had recently loaded Alcohol 120 and have unistalled that also. I hope someone has some new thinking on this as I am now completely out of ideas and reaching desperation point.

Welcome on the forum Johnboy

please mail your problem to;

they will help you. Posting here won’t help as you can read above

I had the same problem with 4.5.1. A quick solution is to re-install 4.2.5 overwriting the patin-couffin layer. That’s what I did and everything is working fine again.

Problem finally solved!
Although the Patin Coufin icon had deleted from Control Panel an extensive search turned up pcatip.vxd in the iosubsys file!!!
I deleted that and all my discs worked again (originals and copies)

I will be very wary of Blindwrite in the future but thanks to sztomcat for confirming my suspicions and pointing me to the right files to delete.
Thanks to Damiandimitri and Philamber for the other advice.

I can sleep in peace tonight!:bigsmile:

But did you e-mail them??

Your problem is solved.

But if this is a real bug in BW, then this problem will appear with every new version.

Mail them and share your experiences with them.
On this way they will resolve the problem in newer versions.

Thanks for the reminder - will do that!:slight_smile:

I found this over at the alcohol forums, thought I would post it here to so people will be informed, Blindwrite has been updated it’s seems as tho alcohol should be next? This problem did plague me, except for one thing I didn’t have Blindwrite installed and Alcohol still caused blue screens when I tried to remove the virtual device.

Hello, I’m Jacques the author of Blindwrite suite.

Sorry to disturb this forum, but as long as I’ve been incriminated, I think I have the right to respond with facts.

It’s true that pcatip device driver (bundled with blindwrite 4.5 to support autoplay) had a flaw that could cause a crash when virtual drives count is decreased.

I’ve updated Blindwrite distribution (4.5.2) to fix the issue.

I don’t want to start a polemic, but in my test I’ve discovered potential flaws in the way virtual drives are removed on alc. In my humble profesionnal opinion, and for the stability of alc working together with other cd recording software, I think I should not be the only one to provide a small driver update.

I’m sure a lot of pple here will tell me to mind my own business !

Have fun with alc !

It’s here if it stay’s unedited

Hi Everyone,
Well, I came to these boards with the same problem that both Johnboy183 and sztomcat were having, with their drives not recognizing CDs. I see that Johnboy183 got the problem fixed, but I’m not exactly sure what to do; delete the file pcatip.vxd? I also have the Patin-Couffin file in my Control Panel after I have deleted BlindWrite. The version that I uninstalled was version 4.5.2, and it was the only version I ever had. Please help!

Originally posted by DynaBladeX
I see that Johnboy183 got the problem fixed, but I’m not exactly sure what to do; delete the file pcatip.vxd?

Yes (and the problem remained for me with 4.5.2 too :frowning: ).

Alright, great! I deleted the file, and, sure enough, my CDs are reading properly again! Thank you VERY much sztomcat, johnboy183, and philamber!!! The only other question I have now is, is there any way to remove the Patin-Couffin icon from the list in my Control Panel? I’m not sure if it’s doing anything anymore, but I just sort of wanted to clean the Control Panel out! :wink:

delete the file patin.cpl

Yes that should do it but I can’t remember if that worked for me DynaBladeX or whether I eventually installed an earlier version and when I uninstalled that the Icon had gone from the Control Panel. You will just have to try both and see. My system is still working fine since my last post and Alcohol was re-installed but doesn’t seem to cause any problems!:smiley: