Serious Android vulnerability affects more than 50% of all devices

We’ve just posted the following news: Serious Android vulnerability affects more than 50% of all devices[newsimage][/newsimage]

A leak in Android 4.2 and older versions of the mobile operating system allows apps to install malware unnoticed , according to security company Palo Alto Networks.

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Looking at this from a selfish basis I’m glad I already have Lollipop.

It does emphasise though the benefits of updates and raises the question of what happens to older hardware that’s no longer automatically updated.

Perhaps there’s a case here for OTA ‘Service pack’ style upgrades for older devices?


Somehow I get the feeling that this is the same exploit (saferoot) I had to use on my phone to gain root access. Of course, I’m so adamant about having root, I refuse to install a newer version of Android than I have since I probably can’t keep (or re-acquire) root access with newer Android versions. Heck, it took me quite some time to find a hack for my current version.

I haven’t rooted here so my priorities are different.

I thought about it at the start but TBH didn’t see any killer features that I could only get through rooting so didn’t bother.

Everyone is different though and I can understand why a lot of users choose to root their device.