Serif Software

I found some great software comparable to PhotoShop and PaintShop, BUT this is FREE!!! It is LOADED with features… I am surprised that I could not find any reference to it here already!


Relatively free … at the expense of opening the floodgates of your email inbox to junk mail. Another reason to make a(nother) bogus yahoo email account. :slight_smile:

I haven’t received any emails from them (or any other strange entities) since downloading the software nearly two weeks ago…

A typical email address farm.
Harvest and spam.

You think? They also have retail versions of the software as well… I’ll keep an eye on my inbox and see…

I wish you luck.

It takes a little while for the spammers to hit you.
First a “clean” list of about 5 to 10 million addresses is harvested and sold to the spammers.

They buy the “clean” list and then process it further. Since some networks in some states will actually persue spammers, the spammers each have their own “remove” list that they filter the “clean” list through to avoid problems.

Once the new list is filtered then they migh combine several lists. Some spammers will dispatch 5 to 10 million email per day and anything that bounces gets added to the “remove” list. This is the final filter before the spammers start to exchange the list among each other.

So you see, the process can take quite a while. The final outcome is that if one spammer has you on the list, then many spammers have you on their list. You will stay on their list until your email address is terminated or your ISP or state start to actively persue the spammer (letters to cease and desist and all) based on current laws.

I have observed these processes first hand because I know several full time spammers.

Thanks for the info, but what makes you so sure that this entity is not just trying to drum up support for its retail versions? I’m in no way doubting you; just curious. I’m usually very cautious about most anything that is free, but this one didn’t give me a bad “vibe.”

Are there any “tell-tale” signs that I missed?


Just dug a little deeper… It seems that in the past they did participate in the behaviors you warn of. Thanks for the heads up! I always use a yahoo or hotmail addy for that type stuff anyway. The software is decent, though…

clear, concise, comprehensive, informative info - (as usual :))

nice link, I think, to consumer’s digital rights - I will browse that site more when time permits

haha, just go and buy photoshop… Its much better than any freeware will ever be, and best fo all it doesn’t come with the add strings of spam and sometimes malware

Serif are genuine, members of the direct marketing association etc.
After some complaints about the registration procedure, the amount of information collected has been reduced.

Yes, I do get email offers from them, several of which I found worth taking up - upgrading to the immediate previous retail version (unboxed) at a very cheap price. Some say they do abuse this, as there is another site they own, thegadgetstore, which you also get offers from - at one time, it was reputedly very difficult to get unsubscribed.

To be honest, given the amount of GARBAGE email I get from real spamming vermin, I’m not bothered about getting a few emails that may actually have something of interest.

There is also a “webcheck” component in the software, which runs on program startup, and checks for offers and updates, raising some “spyware” concerns, but it is well tied to the software and does not go wandering off on it’s own.

Most irritating, the “activation” must be repeated if you re-install, and it seems also in you transfer to a new drive (yes, even the free version).

For a “quick and easy” Photo editor, check out

There is a pro (or “studio”) version with more features, but the free version meets the most rigorous definition of freeware as used by the regulars in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup - no registration, no ads, just honest to goodness freeware.

Some capabilities can be hard to find though - to draw a circle, you have to use the shape selection, then apply line and fill - it’s a decent program, though probably out-featured by the coverdisk freebie of Paintshop Pro 5 that does the rounds from time to time.

or The GIMP: