Serial Ultra ATA to IDE Converter

This is confusing me. I was at a pc store today and saw one of these. The tech there said it would only work one way. SATA to IDE. But when i look at this site it say’s other way around. Turn IDE to SATA. > I was wanting to take a IDE HD and hook it up to SATA on my M/B instead of using a PCI-IDE controller card. Anyone know of what i would need if this won’t work? TIA

Never listen to store clerks. I like the Highpoint Rockethead converter, it’s very compact and works great. BTW, I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard that they work both ways.

rdgrimes > Kinda figured that. Thanks for the reply.

Just out of curioristy, why are you wanting to do this? Converters usually aren’t a good thing. Anybody remember when the PIII’s went from slot 1 to socket 370? Flip chip converters, that’s all I have to say…

Good luck, I hope that it works for you but I’d get a SATA drive ASAP and toss the converter.

Yes, I remember…
I had a very stable overclocked PC using a socket 370 cpu in a Slot1 converter… No problems what ever… I guess the saying “You get what you pay for” is still valid!

Ofcourse when composing a new system, converters are a unnessessary “middle-man”, but as a upgrade or temp solution, I think why not?

Converters usually aren’t a good thing.

Nonsense. 100% of the available SATA drives are nothing more than a PATA drive with a bridge added on. The exact same thing as a converter.

@ rdgrimes
Not true, Seagate 7200.8 = native SATA.

Seagate 7200.7 and some Maxtors are native SATA too. One really important thing though…many converters do not work if your SATA controller on the mainboard is not Silicon Image…Apparently a lot of the converters use a Silicon Image bridge of some type. So check compatibility with the vendor before purchasing.

I’m using 2 IDE 2 SATA converters in my pc because I don’t have anough with my 2 IDE controllers.
They are from Abit and They’ve cost me 15€

I haven’t tried that before, but I’ll try my WD 2000JD for PATA connection then.
:slight_smile: (Just to save a PCI slot for the 2-ch. 3112 SATA card.)

Sorry to dig up old thread of mine but:

Kenshin > Have you tried using one of these converters? I still haven’t bought one/tried one yet :doh: Got off on lots of other projects since then. I guess they work both ways ok. No-one seemed to dispute that. All i care about is my transfer speeds are close or same as IDE. I need to check with supplier about thier return policy. I’ve never bought anything from them.

I still have four of them. I have two other converters. I have used them for lots of HDDs. I mean to use PATA HDDs on SATA connectors. But not the other way. Highpoint converters are more expensive than some others, actually a lot more expensive, but surely they are small and easy to use. I didn’t buy them myself but a friend in Seoul gave me as “bonus” when I bought a used Highpoint 8-ch. SATA card from him.

About performance, I never suspected if there’d any difference between PATA drives connected to PATA vs. PATA drives connected to SATA using such converters (if the HDDs are exactly of the same model.)

Kenshin > Thanks for the reply.