Name : CD Freaks
company/Email : CD Freaks

unlock key : 087708B5-69CFF18A-76E1F98D-FD2F2FFD

check key : F5582748-61B8F93F-1F2E0807-8BCED670


can anyone give me a NOT blacklisted serialnumber to CDRWIN 3.8a-e


Thanx bro…


did u try the cdrwin crackpack from dividezero

#5 completely bloody useless!

Quote from .nfo file.
Download any version of CDRWin or DAO from
Install it, then register it by using these keys,
they are genuine bought ones and not (yet) banned.
This means that they are working without any patch
from v3.3a up to at least v3.7d final.

At least v3.7d final!
Who is the waste of time that bothered to put this up?


the serial didn´t work, it sead something like this " error this key is older than," what sould i do now???


You have 2 choices.
If you want to burn coasters then attempt to register it.
If you don’t then either use it as is or buy it.
Goldenhawk are far smarter than any cracker has been with this version.


he Goldfish sent my jor imail


Vinculum I sent u my email address check yr box!!..


Vinculum I sent u my email address check yr box!!..

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try There should be a link to the new 3.8a keymaker. Personally I don’t see any promblem with the keymakers. I’ve burned plenty of CD’s with no problem.


NAME= crackerjack
COMPANY= jackhacker
UNLOCK= c59f79b8-7b12f3e4-4a80cb9d-cf371457
CHECK= 0aa86def-be8d8a5c-31923879-85b7dfca



Ok, anybody wishing to create more coasters just use Millenium’s extremely old keygenerator.
It was made in Oct 99 and did not even work successfully with the version of 3.8a out at that time.
Goldenhawk are aware of these keygens and write their software to react to these keygen created keys.
It does not always react in the same way.
Even CDRSOFT who claimed at one time to have bought a valid key and put it up for all to use have removed it.
Because the key was blacklisted in subsequent releases of 3.8a rendering it totally useless.
The best keygen sites on the net do not list a keygen for this version, the reason?
There is NO good keygen.


Here are some tested and working keys and keygens for the CDR-Win
v3.8a final version:
Name: Recording Underground
Check: 9D4747F5-CBB832F6-A3D854B8-F52721BB
Unlock codes for DAO:
Unlock: 57785520-062D0737-A317F8EE-FC5F5AA8
Check: AB270F88-51555217-A53AFFD9-5F48A246

                  And a keygen for CDR-Win / DAO v3.8a final is also available. This one
                  has been made by Riddler & Egis from Core. [](


NEW: CDRWin 3.8a Final Crack
Thanks to LAXiTY for crack !


hello again, i used a keygen called was downed from the astalavista (long time ago) the ony thing was that i didnt trye it, in this case it worked perfectly, so i got my cdrwin working at last after many many coasters. thanx all 4 your superb help

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