I’ve got two 128 mb ram sticks installed … instead of showing the sum of 256mb … they are showing 192mb… when i took one ram stick out … the other worked fine
One has a problem… it doesnt bother to work alone …

Before booting into windows …thats what is displayed

SERIAL PRESENCE DETECT (SPD) Device data missing or inconlusive…

what does that mean ? i hav figured that part that its related to the ram being shown 64 mb instead of 128 mb??

that means one of the SPD ROM’s (a small ship in your ram stick) has incorrect or invalid data programmed into it - that is probably why your ram acts funny. what brand are they? generic? (i don;t think you can get both to work together anyway)

Actually both were workin fine until i had to open up my pc to remove my old graphic card n replace it with fx 5200 … as the rams were so closely packed … i had to remove them to get the g-card in the agp slot… when i put them back… thats when they started showin that problem … i’ve tried to make them work after removing the graphic card ( i used the on board card)… but nothin…

Can i reprogram it somehow?

Try to switch slots.

If that don’t work you may have foobared your RAM, if you have a bit of money get some Crucial branded RAM (very reliable).

man… it was already a Kingston Ram :frowning:

Ouch, keep trying, but be willing to face having to buy new RAM.

or maybe it’s a conflict on the SMBus/Ic2Bus because of ur grafix card? … i don’t think that issue can be resolved - it’s more a motherboard design problem