Serial number



is there any way of retreaving my serial number off my fully working V1.3.0 i would like to install it on my new laptop i have been to the website but there is no support for this old version


can you get it from the top header, in Help, then about ( it may just be your name :frowning: )


there is no help on mine the first screen says quit - registered to p— h---- - start program no help there??


i tried putting the file on to a cd then opening it on the laptop but i get the trial version then even though when i open it on the original computer it is registered to me anyone please???


It should be in the Registry under HKLM/Software/DVD2One in a sub folder. :rolleyes:


i cant find anything in the registry am i doing something wrong???


No, if you looked and it is not there, I am sorry, it was just a guess on my part to help you, I do not own this software, but alot of program have a sub-folder in the registry with the serial. I guess DVD2One is not one of them, I am sorry.:o


I have v2 of DVD2One and my info is located here:
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-really long number\Software\Eximius\DVD2one2

Not sure if v1 uses same location.