Serial number for Clonedvd 2 and Any dvd

How can I get a serial number and regester this program? I dont understand how its done, if i cant get the serial where can I purchase it. 21 day free trial. Cheaper to buy both at same time. Great support here at CDF.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry rolling56, trial period 21 days.
Discount offer ends today. For details see this.

how it works:

you download the program and purchse the registration key from
they link you to it, email you the link, and attach it in the email
you run the key that the send you
then you have lifetime access to anydvd.

…and I’m going to ignore the first part of your question as buying the key is the only legal way to get it, and therefore the only way that can be discussed on the cdfreaks board.

the rapidity of updates and the excellent support are well worth the money.

Purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 on Dec. 28, 2005
Was NOT aware of the “cdFreaks - Christmas coupon” (just tried coupon, it continues to give the discount). Any chance SlySoft would consider crediting back the value of the discount.?? If you think they would, who should I contact?

They did refund ppl a while back, but not sure who they contacted. Try emailing them from there site.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sent a email via SlySoft site.
Hoping for the best. :clap:

they are a good company, one of the best ones to deal with.

:iagree: The fine folks at SlySoft credited my Visa to reflect the value of “cdFreak Christmas coupon” :clap: Cool !!!

Hi :slight_smile:
They’re cool :cool: :cool: :cool: people. :bigsmile:

That’s fine, your due us all a beer :bigsmile:

I bought the combo a few weeks ago after the trail ended. I can honestly say it was the best investment I have made in a long time

I’ve never seen two software titles as actively developed at CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. They are so worth the money just for how hard they work. It’s very rare to find these days, and the only software I’ve found close to it in how well it’s updated is Trend Micro Internet Security (plus free 800 tech. support in the U.S.). That a little o/t, but the two titles are hard to beat for sure.

Discount is still in play. Just did the entire bundle for $63 at Slysoft. 1-7-2006