Serial burglar caught on webcam

Thought you guys might like this one :slight_smile: i burst out laughing at this pic

A house burglar was caught after a webcam on the owner’s computer recorded images of him carrying out the raid.

Basically a software engineer after being burgled a few years previously decided to leave his cam on motion detection and to automatically send the footage to an email address in real time.

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obviously einstein’s great nephew. :bigsmile:

:smiley: yep saw that on the news today. and you can bet his mug is going to be on shows like britens dumbest criminal :iagree:

hahaha that is to funny but great idea

wow what a brilliant idea:D

Yep! works like hell…

Dying to play that video game, but you’re at work? Use GOTCHA! to look over your shoulder for you. GOTCHA! will minimize your game and activate your work application in a second.

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

That would ROCK!

i want it

you can ask him for the code!!!


i use atcivewebcam for this…have 4 cams monitoring my house…:D:D

That rocks!, this proggy really does all that…

That’s awesome. Here’s a good place to get security cameras.