Serial Attached SCSI

Anyone experience with it yet???

Seems to combine the best of SCSI and SATA worlds…

Too early yet so there are only expensive controllers from the leaders like Adaptec. A single SAS PCI-E card that supports both SATA and SAS (and conventional SCSI via genders) would be cool if available for under US$200 but that can’t happen, right?

LSI Logic and Adaptec have released such, AFAIK.

Still a bit expensive (around €200), but with great potential.

SAS seems to be a great development. The first reviews/benchmarks looks quite promising. The ability to attach both SAS and SATA devices to a single controller is great. Investing into a good controller once might be something that can be used for quite some years.

Now all we need is some good PCIe controllers, with hardware RAID and Linux support…!

I’ve found that article listed here as #1 interesting…

Anybody to release motherboard chipsets with built-in SAS support? :wink: