Serial ATA RAID problem, any clues anyone?


Was messing around with my Serial ATA hard drives (trying ot get another one on my comp) and have managed to brake the original array! Have tryed using the MSI raid tools but they can only repair my stripping array if i lose all the data which i really really really want to avoid if possible. Anyone got any ideas how i can either reset the array without losing all the data or just grab it off to a third hard drive before having to reformat it?
Any tips would be usefull even a web link to a more appropriate website, just i really am stuck here . . .

Hi Siswell,

Ya wow that sucks. I’ve messed around some with RAID, I’m no expert on recovering a screwed RAID0, but as far as I know your only option is to rebuild the array and thus lose everything. Now I could be wrong here, so don’t take my word as gospel, but I think that’s the case. That’s exactly why they have the other RAID levels, so you don’t lose the data. RAID0 isn’t reliable, you should always have anything on a RAID0 backed up right away if it’s important to you, especially if your gonna mess around with your hardware adding things like new HDD’s. There could be some software that may help you, but I don’t know what. There’s also companies that specialize in data recovery of all sorts, but that’s probably very expensive to do.

Sorry man, all I can say is in the future, don’t trust a RAID0 array with important stuff, hard drives fail enough as it is, and now you have 2 that both need to work or your screwed. Personally I back up anything important from my RAID0 almost immediately. You should try google and see if you can find anything, or… I’m hoping someone chimes in and proves me wrong, cause I feel for ya. Good luck with that

Well thats f’ing great! (But pretty much the conclusion i came to) Whats really annoying apart from the fact my RAID0 is 500gb is that the only fact i broke the RAID was when putting a new hard drive in to use for backup! Just my bloody lucky, time to rebuild my comp for about the 5th time this year. Well at least most of my stuff is backed up on DVD+R’s . . .

In answer to my own question:

You can’t repair the boot section of the disks but you can get the files off using File Scavenger.

Ah, thank you for posting back with that. I didn’t know it was an easy thing to recover your files, I thought you were screwed. Good news for you, and we both learned something. :slight_smile: So far I’ve never had a RAID0 fail on me, so I’ve never had to look into recovery, great! I bet your happy eh? :wink:

Quiet happy got my files :slight_smile: but considering all i damaged was the boot section seems a b_gger to go to just to get your files back, someone needs to make a boot section repairer. Note to myself never never change the SATA ports on a RAID0 it nackers everything!