Serial Ata Hdd On Abit Nf7

I Have an Abit NF7 Motherboard and 2 hard disk drives,one Seagate 80Gb S-ATA and an old 6Gb Quantum P-ATA.
When I install the s-ata,during the post I see that everything is ok.From device manager/disk drives, win98se seems to have recognise the disk but from “My Computer” there is no disk.
So!Here is my questions:
How can I “fdisk” and format the s-ata disk?
Can I use Norton Ghost with these two HDD to transfer windows from the old one to the s-ata disk?:eek: :confused:

I also have the NF7 Abit mobo and just hooked up a new 36Gig WD Raptor SATA HD and its not being detected in “My Computer.”

Im beinging to think the ATA controller on the board is a SATA RAID controller and will only run SATA if i RAID it, meaning i must have 2 SATA HDs, not only 1.

Can anyone shine some light on this ? :bigsmile:

Have you installed the SATA controller drivers? Because this motherboard uses an 3rd party SATA controller which needs drivers for your Windows version. Also make sure you have the latest BIOS version.

Yes, I have installed the 3rd party software for the SATA from the CD provided with the mobo, but i cant update the BIOS because my floppy drive is on the fritz. I did however check all the BIOS updates at the ABIT website for the errors being corrected and there was nothing related to the problem im having.

The fact that Device Manager is detecting the HD, im guessing the current BIOS is doing its job. But i do think maybe i need to try another driver for the SATA controller.

i know that some raid controllers (both sata and pata) require u to create a raid array even if u’re only using one drive. i’m not sure if that’s the case with the nf7.

You don’t need to use a floppy disk to update BIOS. In fact, you shouldn’t update the BIOS from a floppy disk.

I also posted this question on the Abit forums and someone pointed out I could format the HD through: Administrative Tools–> Computer Management–>Disk Management. That solved the problem. Basicly, I think SATA can not be a stand alone first HD, it needs a OS to format and then maybe install an OS onto it. I will find out the latter soon. Thanx for all the input guys.