Septerra Core = nuts in a vice



Anyone try to copy Septerra Core yet? Sounds like it's got Laserlok on it, but there's no Laserlok dir or lok files on the disc. I mean, it's nice when you can HEAR the protection on the cd coming from your rom, but this is startin to piss me off just a tad. Anyone have any creative ideas?


I copied it using Nero,
there wasn’t any problem…

I even didn’t notice a protection…




I started playing it a couple of days ago, but it really sucks. Maybe I’m missing something (I don’t have a manual), but the fights where extremely boring and rather hard.
I’m a great fan of FF7 for PSX, but I hated FF8 and I just can’t find ANYTHING that’s worthy of becoming a succesor to FF7, not on PSX, nor on PC. Anybody’s got a suggestion?