Seperating Music?

Ok, I want to take a song and remove the piano from it, or just mute it while the rest of the song continues as normal. Is there any software I can buy that would allow me to do that? This sounds like some high end software possibly but since I am new to this I have no clue…Help :bow:

Once a song is mixed, its pretty hard to unmix it.

Is there anyway to instead of removing it just muting that line? Thanks

Maybe you can try to apply some filters to the song, cutting the frequencies of the instrument you want to mute, but probably this will create a poor quality result.

Have you tried to use an audio editor to see if there is something usable? You can try with Audacity, a free audio editor.

It will be very difficult to remove the piano from the track without ruining the rest of the song. you try EQ-ing the piano , but since piano has very wide frequency range (probably the widest of all instrument) it will be difficult since you will probably have to EQ every second separately. by the way how many instrument there are in the song. if its just piano and vocal, you can easily remove the vocal with extremely good results. If there are other instruments, maybe you can get MIDI file of that song with only the music, run it through proffesional music making software (cubase) ans save it as wave, and then mix it with the vocal you’ve removed from the original track. and does the piano bother you that much?

This has been asked before and the answers still the same.
To do what you require you need access to the master recording. There is no software available for extracting a particular voice or instrument from a cd.