Seperating an image

Good day every one. I have recently downloaded a trial version of alcohol 120%. What Im trying to do is take a large image 6.2gb to be exact. And seperate it every 700mb so I can burn the image to multiple cdr’s. The proble is when I go to copy the image it puts copied data into the designated place on my hard drive. But after it seperates the first image which is a MDF accompanied by a MDS it starts making a sereis of MD files that windows cant recognize. It starts out with MD0,MD1,MD3 etc…I would assume that there image files. But I cant mount them and I cant burn them as an image. The ideal situation would be to take a 6gb image seperate it every 700mb , or at least every 4gb, so I when I go to install the copy of the software of the image I created I can just put in cd1 and then cd 2 etc untill the instalation is complete. I believe this is possible but am not sure. Any help of course is greatly appreciated. Thank You.:iagree

What is supposedly in this image file?

I’m quite sure split images can only work if all parts stay together, and not on seperate discs.

You may be right. I tried using power iso with simialer results. If you knew what you where doing im sure you could set it up. Those images that its creating (MD0,MD1) have the data on them. And I believe there images of some sort. But the dont begin the auto play when I mount them with a virtual drive. It wouldnt be bothering me so much but Im trying to get a piece of software from one computer to another that meets the system specs. Well heres a question. If someone can help. It took the data which was in zip files. And put it on 2 data dvds to take to the other computer. When I tried to extract the data it said that the data was broken. Is there anyway to retreive that data? Successefully I mean. My guess is that theres some information that you cant compress and then retrieve once you put it on a disk and try to extract it. :a Well thanks for trying to help. You guys have a cool forum:bow:LATER

I have closed the thread on Alcohol-Soft’s forum as there is no point in having the same identical thread in two different places.